Julia Harris


I am a Welsh artist, living in Mid Wales.Julia Harris

The way I paint is from inside me. It’s not some mechanical action learned or mimicked: my work is a portrayal of all my happy, sad, joyous and turbulent feelings. I think that my passion for painting is revealed through my approach to my work. My work has been described as energetic, vibrant, theatrical, romantic and erotic. Certainly, I feel that it expresses the essential me.

I want people not only to look at my work: I want them to feel it, both with their eyes and their hearts. I want to create an emotion inside them, because to create something that stirs feeling inside the onlooker is a great achievement.

I live in a little village called Beulah, underneath the Epynt. The memories of my childhood farm combine with living in this very beautiful rural area to give me the inspiration I need to paint.

I love the rolling hills, the ever changing weather, the beautiful bright sky which can turn so quickly into a thunderous slate grey, and then can change the colours of the Epynt itself from calm greeny blue to deep, all-consuming purple, while shafts of bright light creep over the horizon as the sun tries to shine through, transforming the landscape into a patchwork of orange, red, purple, dark blue and green.

How can one not fail to be inspired when one lives so close to nature’s paint box?